Chameleon Run App Reviews

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No in app purchases

Thanks for making a game without in-app f*** purchases ;) cool game, please add levels.

No sync

Doesnt sync progress between devices

Pretty good

Its worth paying for it!


Best game everrrr !!!!

Great platformer

Fun and challenging

This game is great!

Good lookin too!


Beaut graphics and channeling gameplay. Fun and dope


Great game! Lots of challenging, yet exciting levels! Cant wait for the next update!!!!

Great game

Fun time waster on the way to work.

Gr8 r8 m8 sk8 8 t8

This twas cool, needs more levels

So much fun!

Such a wonderful idea. Requires quickness, strategy etc. I find this game hard to put down! Enjoy!

Great game not enough levels

Beat it in a day very fun

Fantastic game

Awesome graphics, very nice game. Well done!


Fast paced and smooth. The technical aspects of this game are simply brilliant. By far the best iPhone game Ive played in a long. More levels please. Im addicted :)


Great soundtrack great game but they need to add blue and the option to save replays to share the videos

From 1-10

I rate 10.01/10 Best running game ever Hope the dev is recovered

I love this!!

I love this game! Its challenging and fun! I would highly recommend it.

Chameleon Run

This is a great game that keeps you coming back for more. Great price, no advertising, just pure fun. Well done!!!! I look forward to more levels from this great game. C.C.


There are many cool challenging levels that keep you playing and the ergonomics of the game are really good. Great job on this game! Keep it up and anyone looking to purchase, dont hesitate.

Good fun and bright colours!

Great game

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